Katherine Young

photograph by Caroline Kox

Katherine Young is an electro-acoustic composer and performer living in Chicago. She has composed works for Ensemble Dal Niente, Wet Ink, Talea, String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Spektral Quartet and Nico Couck, and has collaborated with Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt, the CSO’s MusicNOW and Third Coast Percussion. She has recently released a duo recording with Anthony Braxton. Her work for Cut & Splice is a world premiere for Distractfold, with whom she has a long-term working relationship, in which popping balloons, crunching sugar, crackling reeds and breathing sounds combine with pristine strings and complex multiphonic chords. @_KatherineYoung

bow breath crow, for amplified string trio and spatialized electronics 2017


Objects gathered from our past and histories of places we cherish create an orbit of noises for our collective future.


bow breath crow. sugar cane thistles. crunch drop pop. pinestraw balloon pot.


This trio is the first manifestation of a cycle of pieces for strings, bassoon, spatialized electronics, and sounding objects developed in close collaboration with Distractfold’s Linda Jankowska.