Sivan Cohen-Elias

Born in Jerusalem, Sivan Cohen Elias sees herself as an interdisciplinary composer. In her work she investigates the boundaries and possibilities of integrating different art forms into a unified medium. Movement, sound, space and visual objects are sewed within themes corresponding with the failure and limitations of systems and bodies. Cohen Elias’s works have been performed and commissioned by musicians such as Ensemble Klangforum Wien, Mosaik, MusikFabrik, Nikel, Trio Amos, Meitar, Ascolta, Talea, tenor Frank Wörner, conductors Titus Engel and Enno Poppe, and other musicians and ensembles in and around Europe, Israel and the United States. Her work has appeared in festivals and venues such as IMD (Darmstadt); Der Sommer in Stuttgart; Impuls festival; Mozartsaal, Konzerthaus Wien; Warsaw Autumn; Ultraschall (Berlin); Wien Modern; Bang on a Can (New York), among others.



Get installation program to victim.
Activates once received.
Free rein once compromised.
Good luck!


Hack is a solo piece for two combined guitars, in which the classical guitar receives the amplification of the electric guitar through a bass piano string. The piece plays on different imagery and associations: computer hacking processes, an animal-prey relationship, anonymity, illusion, the expanding/contracting instrument and player’s body. Hack is also for a character in the opera .onion, which is set among hackers and explorers of the Deep Web – the unindexed and unregulated part of the Internet.


What is you name?
So—your name is John?
Welcome John! Ask me anything
Question too small!
Wrong input wrong input wrong input wrong input
Welcome John! Ask me anything
Question seems not positive enough!
Wrong input wrong input wrong input wrong input
Calculating answer—”